Andy Crofts – Cards – Fluorescence


Andy’s Photography:
“Like music and art, photography has been with me from a young age. I first discovered my love for a camera when I purchased a second hand one and looking through the view finder blew my mind! It felt like I could finally see. From that day I was hooked and it has slowly grown over the years. Travelling the world with my music gives me lots of opportunities to take my camera.”

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Andy’s Art:

Card Versions of Andy’s artwork, roughly 12.5cm x 12.5cm image on quality card with envelope. You can collect all of Andy’s artwork as cards to send to friends and family or produce a framed montage at home or have them in singular frames to fill those small places.

“Art is the extension of my soul and has always come very natural to me. Throughout my life I have envisioned colours that connect to emotions, time and places. I have a love for all art but abstract art has always connected with me on another scale. I love the raw and spontaneous approach and I feel I can really connect with the canvas reflecting an honest image of what I am feeling. My whole life has been steered by colours.”