Andy Crofts Bio

Musician, artist and photographer Andy Crofts was born in the city of Sau Paulo, Brazil and raised in Northampton England. In the 1960’s his mother was a dancer at the Moulin Rouge Paris and also at London’s Royal Palladium. She eventually ended up dancing in a famous circus ‘Circo Tihanny’ in Brazil in which she met his father before moving back to England.

Raised as an only child Andy was drawn into his own imagination developing his own world and outlet for his future art.

Andy is now an established musician notably known for his band The Moons, who have 4 studio albums released, and also being long term bass player/musician for UK legend Paul Weller (The Jam/Style Council). In 2020 Andy published his first book of photography which was an up and close glimpse of life on the road with Paul Weller for the first time of a band member. Apart from music and photography Andy has been painting and creating art his whole life fully immersed into the abstract and pop art world. 

“I have a constant need to create. If I’m not holding a brush, clicking the shutter of a camera or making music I feel lost. It’s who I am, it’s in my veins and echos into everything I touch. As an only child this hunger started at a young age and has blossomed into a lifestyle and outlook that steers my life”.

“Whether it is painting, music or photography my art is real. It either grows from deep inside or it is channelled from somewhere in the sky, but what I create is always natural and real”.

Andy’s Art:

“Art is the extension of my soul and has always come very natural to me. Throughout my life I have envisioned colours that connect to emotions, time and places. I have a love for all art but abstract art has always connected with me on another scale. I love the raw and spontaneous approach and I feel I can really connect with the canvas reflecting an honest image of what I am feeling. My whole life has been steered by colours.”

Andy’s Photography:

“Like music and art, photography has been with me from a young age. I first discovered my love for a camera when I purchased a second hand one and looking through the view finder blew my mind! It felt like I could finally see. From that day I was hooked and it has slowly grown over the years. Travelling the world with my music gives me lots of opportunities to take my camera.”

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